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It’s the neighborhoods that make San Francisco special

As the San Francisco establishment bemoans the loss of the George Lucas museum to Chicago and chafes at the opening of a new 49ers stadium 45 miles south of the city, in an essay titled “Lucas might be gone, but the force stays right here,” San Francisco Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte reminds us that “We still have Clement Street. And 18th Street on Potrero Hill, Stockton Street in Chinatown, Valencia Street in the Mission, Irving Street in the Inner Sunset, Taraval Street in the Parkside.”

“So what makes a neighborhood?” Nolte asks. “There are certain essentials, like a Muni line down the shopping street, stores, a bank branch, a neighborhood restaurant or two where they know the customers. There should be a school and at least one church. A community garden. A park is important. A branch library and a bookstore are prized.”

In an impressively prescient piece, Nolte reminds us to keep our priorities straight. Read more →


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City takes aim at working class jobs

man under car


Last time we checked in on our buddies over at the Planning Department, they were putting the finishing touches on their “Central SoMa Plan,” an ambitious new area plan that would devastate our neighborhood’s service and light industrial base and blow the lid off job protections built into the recently adopted Western SoMa Community Plan. As Planning Director John Rahaim reportedly said, “this is really about expanding downtown.” (see “The attack on SoMa – a new downtown?”)

In light of the fact that their own calculations show that the Central SoMa scheme would destroy about 1,800 good working class jobs in order to build more high tech offices, they have proposed a nifty solution right around the corner in “the Eastern Neighborhoods” that would incentivize the construction of brand new production, distribution and repair (PDR) space (you’re not gonna believe this) by allowing even more high tech office space to be built on land that was set aside as a “haven for PDR businesses.”  This new construction would provide 33% new PDR space at a cost of allowing in 66% more high tech office space.  Continue reading

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What Tech Hasn’t Learned From Urban Planning

New York Times

The tech sector is, increasingly, embracing the language of urban planning — town hall, public square, civic hackathons, community engagement. So why are tech companies such bad urbanists? Read more →

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WalkFirst study targets pedestrian safety

District 6 residents will have an opportunity to participate in the WalkFirst Investment Strategy – a review of existing city crash data – by helping to collect community feedback, document findings, and analyze risk factors that cause pedestrian collisions at a focus group set for Monday, December 16 at 5:30 p.m. in Room 278 at City Hall.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is hoping to get as much community feedback as possible about how the City should prioritize funding for pedestrian safety improvements.

The meeting on December 16 will last about 90 minutes. Each participant will receive a $15 Clipper Card. If you are interested in helping out, please send an email to

WalkFirst has also launched an interactive online tool. Visit to learn more about WalkFirst, pedestrian safety and to give your feedback about what the City should fund.

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Eastern Neighborhoods oversight body blocks LGBTQ Ringold project




The Eastern Neighborhoods Community Advisory Committee (ENCAC) holds the pursestrings for all the money collected from new developments in the various plan areas of the Eastern Neighborhoods. Continue reading


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SF Eagle hopes to bring 5,000 Halloween revelers to neighborhood


A couple dozen patrons and neighbors gathered in the patio of the SF Eagle bar last Tuesday night to hear about plans for a Halloween street party outside the doors of the much-loved SoMa gay leather institution. Halloween is Thursday, October 31 this year.  Continue reading

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Celebrate the life of Jazzie Collins

Please join us in celebrating the life of our beloved community leader and tireless advocate for social and economic justice, Jazzie Collins, who passed away on July 11.

Jazzie fought for the rights of tenants, seniors, the disabled, the homeless, the LGBT community, those without healthcare among many others. She worked with us at Senior and Disability Action, was an organizer of the annual Trans March, Co-Chair of the city’s LGBT Aging Policy Task Force, among many other activities.

Memorial to celebrate her life:

Thursday August 1, from 5:30-8:00 PM
Mission High School
3750 18th St. (at Church St.)

RSVP to:  Continue reading

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Jazzie Collins, Rest in Peace


Jazzie Collins, Activist


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Lawsuits fly as SoMa Grand residents settle into “luxury-serviced” condos

soma grand

The much maligned SoMa Grand, a 22 story glass tower of expensive condos at 1160 Mission Street, was hit with a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court for numerous construction defects and building standard violations. Owners of the luxury units are seeking damages in excess of $4 million as a result of the construction defects.

SoMa Grand was the first “luxury-serviced” condominium project in the Mid-Market neighborhood, offering “visual excitement, rich textures, and a polished sense of design” in a “transitional neighborhood,” according to a brochure promoting the project which sold out all units despite the economic downturn of the housing market.  Continue reading

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iPhone App turns your phone into a decibel meter


TUAW (or The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

Most people don’t think about their background noise levels, but those who work or live in noisy environments need to be aware of sounds that could ruin their hearing. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can monitor your ambient noise levels using the new SoundMeter+ application.

SoundMeter+ uses the iPhone’s internal microphone to measure the surrounding noise and calculate the dBA of your surroundings. You can also change the meter to measure dBC, dBB, dBD and dBZ. These different measurements take into account the different frequencies of sound. For example, the A-weighting (dBA) emphasizes those frequencies that the human ear can hear, while the B-weighting (dBB) takes into account lower frequencies and is used to measure entertainment noise Read more →

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