What Tech Hasn’t Learned From Urban Planning

New York Times

The tech sector is, increasingly, embracing the language of urban planning — town hall, public square, civic hackathons, community engagement. So why are tech companies such bad urbanists? Read more →

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One response to “What Tech Hasn’t Learned From Urban Planning

  1. Brian Wallace

    Good article. While I ‘tend’ to be pro-tech, the biggest kick in the teeth was seeing Gordon-Beirsch get kicked out of their location at Harrison Street and the Embarcadero. The original businessmen, Misters Gordon and Beirsch, sunk tons of money into that enterprise to the point that they imported their brewing equipment all the way from Germany and re-plumbed the entire sub-surface area of their brewery-restaurant to get the beer brewing. This was back in the 1980s when nobody walked around that part of Harrison Street. I can’t see why the techies couldn’t peruse their plans while keeping the brewery intact. Techies love beer. Why would they give Gordon-Beirsch their walking papers?

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