July 20, 2011

Pensions, street repairs, and … oh yeah, the future of District 6!

DPW Director Ed Reiskin, rumored to be Mayor Ed Lee’s favorite to become the next director of MUNI, will join us tomorrow night to give the opening remarks and speak in favor of the street improvement bond that’ll be on the November ballot. Those dollars could make the future of Folsom Street a reality. Mary Hao from the Department of Human Resources will present arguments in support of the pension and health reform initiative.

Quintin Mecke, one of the founding members of the SoMa Leadership Council, currently serving as Communications Director for Tom Ammiano, will discuss the process we’re about to embark on to trim out a sizable chunk of District 6’s population. Will East SoMa move into Malia Cohen’s District 10 or David Chiu’s District 3? Might we lose the North Mission to David Campos or Hayes Valley to District 5? Who gets Treasure Island? Mecke served on the last redistricting task force and was a key player in the exciting final week of deliberations. Whatever happens, the electoral politics of District 6 will be dramatically altered before Supervisor Jane Kim runs for reelection in 2014.


  1. Announcements
  2. Introductions
  3. DPW Director Ed Reiskin on the Street Improvement bond
  4. Department of Human Resources’ Mary Hao on Pension Reform and Health Care Reform
  5. Quintin Mecke on the changing face of District 6
  6. New business


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