August 15, 2012

SFMTA prepares Folsom Street redesign for environmental review

After a series of community meetings, including several discussions at the SoMa Leadership Council and workshops sponsored by the SFMTA, a preferred alternative for the redesign of Folsom Street has emerged which proposes a three lane configuration, with two eastbound lanes and one westbound lane of traffic, that will allow busses to run in both directions and includes a two-way separated bike path.

Erin Miller, project manager for the Eastern Neighborhoods Transportation Implementation Planning Study (ENTRIPS), and other SFMTA staff will discuss the preferred and alternative proposals they have developed at this week’s meeting of the SoMa Leadership Council.


1. Announcements
2. Introductions
3. Preferred and alternative options for the redesign of Folsom Street
4. New business
5. Adjournment


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