August 17, 2011

Two great big projects that could significantly change SoMa

We already had the Bay West project scheduled for tomorrow night’s meeting and then this weekend I heard from Chris Foley from the Polaris Group. He’s been holding on to the historic St. Joseph’s Church site for several years, having bought it from the Archdiocese for one buck after assuming all the seismic obligations attached to the beautiful old building. The surrounding properties are not part of the deal. Chris Harney and Tom Murphy own the school, convent and a couple other buildings and they bear responsibility for throwing out the Childrens’ Village day care facility. Foley is ready to present his plans for the future of the church and wants your feedback.

801 Brannan/One Henry Adams is an enormous project being developed on the site of the Concourse Exhibition Center by developer and Concourse owner Bay West Development, which would result in the development of up to 674 residential units and 43,037 square feet of retail space which will translate into something like 45 full-time jobs. Will it be  a neighborhood (it’s already a pretty vibrant area with the Concourse there) or is this just another step towards turning SoMa into a sleepy bedroom community?


  1. Announcements
  2. Introductions
  3. St. Joseph’s Church adaptive re-use: Chris Foley and the Polaris Group
  4. Bay West Development and Showplace Square
  5. New business

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