January 18, 2012

Neighbors and nightclubs: a dialog

Dennis Juarez from Slim’s and Gayle Rubin, SoMa resident, will facilitate a conversation about how entertainment is treated in the Western SoMa Community Plan. Those who want changes in the zoning will have an opportunity to present their proposals and the rationales for them. We will try to clarify what is involved in the various proposals and hear reactions, comments, and arguments on all of them. We hope for a conversation in which the issues can be clearly presented, calmly discussed and thoroughly vetted. All stakeholders and residents from the neighborhood are encouraged to participate.


1. Announcements

2. Introductions

3. SF Park presentation on their Folsom/12th Street area parking meter and variable pricing plan

4. Entertainment in Western SoMa

Proposed revisions to Community Plan:

• Extending SALI to include 11th between Harrison and Folsom
• Entertainment as fully permitted all along Folsom
• Extending viability of lapsed or unused entertainment permits for five years
• Allowing Limited Live Performance permits on all commercial corridors

Comments on proposed revisions:

• Extending the proposed SALI district into 11th Street … can it even be done?
• How would one mitigate the impact of entertainment on the surrounding community?
• What do the neighbors think?
• How would these changes solve the problems faced by entertainment venues in the neighborhood?

Impacts on existing entertainment venues:

• Suppose NEW nightclubs WERE allowed and fully permitted on 11th Street … would anyone come?
• Who exactly is pushing for the zoning changes?

5. New business

6. Adjournment


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