May 18, 2011

Underground entertainment: the good, bad and ugly of it all

Raves, warehouse parties and spontaneous mayhem? Cool! Political fundraisers, art gallery openings and community events? Righteous! What do they have in common? Chances are they might not have all their required permits and, just so long as it’s not happening right under your bedroom window, you’re probably okay with it. But every now and then, things go wrong. People get hurt. Maybe that’s why we have rules. Join us for a wide-ranging discussion of “underground entertainment” tomorrow night.


1. Announcements

2. Introductions

3. Underground entertainment:

  • Vaj Granelli, Entertainment Commission: overview of underground entertainment
  • Inspector Dave Falzon, SFPD: public safety and law enforcement issues
  • Steve Jones, SF Bay Guardian: “only-in-San-Francisco” values
  • Debra Walker, artist, activist and Building Inspection Commissioner: political, practical and artistic benefits
  • Sean Manchester, CMAC: similarities and differences between the underground and aboveground entertainment communities

4. New business


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