June 20, 2012

What does it mean to be “in the zone”

MUG (Mixed Use General) would be the predominant zoning north of Harrison Street. SALI (Service, Arts and Light Industrial) and WMUO (Western SoMa Mixed Use Office) define the area to the south. In between, there are REDs, RED-mixed, RCDs and the Folsom NCT. What does it all mean? How does zoning affect your quality of life? Future zoning is the subject of tomorrow night’s SoMa Leadership Council meeting.

In addition to these land use categories, we’re also seeing Community Benefit Districts (CBDs) cropping up all over SoMa. This kind of “special benefit” district functions to create a stable revenue source to fund services such as sidewalk sweeping, steam cleaning, rapid removal of bulky items and graffiti, responding to illegal encampments and additional security that is established by a mail balloting of affected property owners culminating in the adoption of an ordinance by the Board of Supervisors. Jim Chappell and Daniel Hurtado will be joining us to discuss the process and benefits of a CBD.


  1. Announcements
  2. Introductions
  3. Community Benefit Districts
  4. Future land use zoning controls
  5. New business
  6. Adjournment

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