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Noisy nightclub nearby? Call me in the morning


While promoting the recently adopted “punish them for complaining” legislation, Jocelyn Kane from the entertainment commission told a gathering of neighborhood leaders that anyone could have the inspectors’ cell phone number. So I asked.

“We are strong believers in open communication amongst neighbors. If there is an issue that can be resolved in person or over the phone between the two parties, that is the best case scenario. If that is not an option due to a lack of contact information, or an already strained relationship, the first stop for someone with an issue regarding an establishment that has entertainment would be to contact 311. That would then come to the Entertainment Commission for follow-up. We would reach out to the complainant for any additional information not provided in the 311 request. Depending on the nature of the issue, we may assign an Inspector to investigate the problem. Sometimes this results in a quick visit to the establishment to advise them of permit conditions or city codes, and occasionally it requires further investigation into decibel levels inside a resident’s dwelling. We always advise residents to place an additional call to the SFPD’s non-emergency number as well for tracking purposes. It’s important to get a reference number when making that call.”

… and blah blah blah. In other words, suck it up and call me in the morning.


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Kim dumps more noise into Western SoMa neighborhoods



Hard on the heels of her vote to restrict your ability to sue noisy nightclubs, Supervisor Jane Kim introduced legislation last week that would open up primarily residential portions of the Western SoMa Plan Area (from approximately 7th Street to 12th Street, from just shy of Mission Street all the way down to Harrison Street) to Limited Live Performance permits. Continue reading

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Nightclubs rejoice, now we can all be noisy!


Supervisor London Breed’s legislation that would remove your right to sue noisy nightclubs if you’ve moved into the neighborhood since 2005, easily passed the Board of Supervisors this week. Supervisor Jane Kim was a co-sponsor.  Continue reading

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Photo exhibit captures old SoMa

Hamburger Marys

photo: Janet Delaney

from SFGate

“Janet Delaney: South of Market,” at the de Young Museum, contains 40-odd 1980s color photographs whose time, regrettably, has come back. Delaney’s work celebrates photography as a medium of civic memory. To call it “street photography,” though much of it consists of street views, belittles its activist spirit. Continue reading →


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Supervisor London Breed takes aim at your “right to quiet enjoyment”


London Breed, the newly elected President of the Board of Supervisors, has been dragged into the perennial conflict between neighbors and nightclubs, siding with the entertainment lobby of course, as it continues to buy influence at city hall to pursue its mean-spirited agenda.  Continue reading

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Robin Reichert, rest in peace


This YouTube memorial video was posted on October 30, 2014  (click here).


Robin Reichert, the proprietor of the Paradise Lounge at 11th and Folsom Street dating back to 1981, has passed away. No word as to the cause of death but survivors of the new wave revelry of that era are already making plans for a memorial service to be held on December 1 at the site of the former Transmission Theater next door.  Continue reading

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11th Street drag performance space clears last hurdle at city hall

District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener dragged out the same mischaracterizations of the Western SoMa Plan he always uses when entertainment folks are present, as the Land Use Committee of the Board considered a zoning amendment to legalize a nightclub in close proximity to the Kissling Alley Residential Enclave District. Relying on industry lobbyist Terrance Alan, the ethically-challenged former Entertainment Commissioner, for his facts, Wiener repeated his claim that the Plan was “unfriendly to entertainment.” He knows better but panders to the entertainment community every chance he gets.

Drag show impresario Heklina, a.k.a. Stefan Grygelko, has bought the building on the northwest corner of Folsom and 11th, formerly home to Caliente, the Oasis and Club VSF.

The committee agreed to send their positive recommendation to the full Board of Supervisors where a yes vote is a sure thing. No one votes against fun.  Continue reading

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