iPhone App turns your phone into a decibel meter


TUAW (or The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

Most people don’t think about their background noise levels, but those who work or live in noisy environments need to be aware of sounds that could ruin their hearing. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can monitor your ambient noise levels using the new SoundMeter+ application.

SoundMeter+ uses the iPhone’s internal microphone to measure the surrounding noise and calculate the dBA of your surroundings. You can also change the meter to measure dBC, dBB, dBD and dBZ. These different measurements take into account the different frequencies of sound. For example, the A-weighting (dBA) emphasizes those frequencies that the human ear can hear, while the B-weighting (dBB) takes into account lower frequencies and is used to measure entertainment noise Read more →


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