March 16, 2011

Transit talk at the SoMa Leadership Council

Local government agencies are getting better at involving the community in their planning efforts. Tomorrow night the Planning Department and the Transportation Authority join us to discuss two projects. One of them, the land use and streetscape plan for the Central Subway station at 4th and Folsom Streets, is very specific. You’ll have an opportunity to partner with our city planners to determine how this new transit hub will impact the community. The other, which involves a call for projects, is part of the Transportation Authority’s 25 year long-range plan. Be sure to mention a transit-oriented commercial corridor along Folsom Street would be nice. These are two good opportunities to assert some control over your future here in South of Market. Here’s tomorrow night’s agenda:


  1. Announcements
  2. Introductions
  3. Folsom Street Station: the beginning of a community process for the Central Subway in SoMa
  4. Bay Area Transportation Plan: Transportation Authority’s call for projects for the next 25 years
  5. New business

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