Noisy nightclub nearby? Call me in the morning


While promoting the recently adopted “punish them for complaining” legislation, Jocelyn Kane from the entertainment commission told a gathering of neighborhood leaders that anyone could have the inspectors’ cell phone number. So I asked.

“We are strong believers in open communication amongst neighbors. If there is an issue that can be resolved in person or over the phone between the two parties, that is the best case scenario. If that is not an option due to a lack of contact information, or an already strained relationship, the first stop for someone with an issue regarding an establishment that has entertainment would be to contact 311. That would then come to the Entertainment Commission for follow-up. We would reach out to the complainant for any additional information not provided in the 311 request. Depending on the nature of the issue, we may assign an Inspector to investigate the problem. Sometimes this results in a quick visit to the establishment to advise them of permit conditions or city codes, and occasionally it requires further investigation into decibel levels inside a resident’s dwelling. We always advise residents to place an additional call to the SFPD’s non-emergency number as well for tracking purposes. It’s important to get a reference number when making that call.”

… and blah blah blah. In other words, suck it up and call me in the morning.



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3 responses to “Noisy nightclub nearby? Call me in the morning

  1. Brian Wallace

    Wow, talk about being sent down a rabbit’s hole of bureaucratic twists and turns. I love the phrase “due to a lack of contact information, or an already strained relationship.” On whose part? The hard-working stiff who is trying to get a good night’s sleep before leaving for work the next morning? Jocelyn Kane has long overstayed her welcome on the Entertainment Commission.

  2. Jim Strano

    So, you didn’t realize you were moving into a neighborhood zoned for entertainment? If it’s too loud, then perhaps you should look for housing someplace more suitable, either in the suburbs or perhaps closer to your job so you don’t have to get up so early.

    San Francisco is a nightlife destination, and always has been. Many of our native San Franciscans are being displaced by an influx of young tech workers. That, and the lack of affordable housing is honestly what you should be losing sleep over, not trying to get a venue shut down that keeps revenue flowing in.

    • Jim, I moved here in 1977. There were no nightclubs here at the time. If it’s a matter of longevity, I guess I win. But I haven’t tried to impose my own values on anyone else. I’ve worked hard to ensure that everyone behaves as a good neighbor. These latest actions by the entertainment lobby offend me because of the way they are throwing their weight (and money) around. The well-off can afford lawyers. It’s the low-income population that will suffer the most.

      -jim meko

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