Board loosens controls on Mechanical Amusement Devices in bars

Neighborhood Rep/Vice Chair Entertainment Commission

Please note that Supervisor Breed’s legislation (file #140776) passed unanimously at the Board of Supervisors.  It will have a second reading on September 2. This legislation means that 73 of the current 81 mechanical amusement device (m.a.d.) permits will no longer be under the jurisdiction of the Entertainment Commission.  This is a $23,000 decrease in our annual license fees.  From now on, bars wishing to apply for up to four m.a.d.s need not submit or pay for an application.  Previously we received between 4 and 10 applications a year, so there will be another decrease of approximately $6000.

The worst part of this is that we no longer have a line of communication to 61 bars that were previously under our regulatory authority. This also removes the Good Neighbor Policy from these bars and does not allow us to work with them to bring them under compliance. Please write your Supervisor today.


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