Planning and Building Notices through September 26, 2015

The South of Market Leadership Council receives public notifications from the San Francisco Planning Department. While it may not be possible 52 weeks per year, there will be an attempt to share notifications that affect South of Market on the website for neighbors to check out if they care to do so.

Notice of Pre-Application Meeting

  • 360 Spear Street – Meeting on October 5, 2015 at 365 Main Street at 6pm; contact: or 415-848-9304; Convert approximately 49,992 square feet of existing Internet Service Exchange (ISE) space to general office space and make related office renovations.

Notification of Project Receiving Environmental Review

  • 1125 Mission Street – Proposed project would completely convert the existing building to office use only.
  • 230 7th Street – Proposed demolition of the existing industrial building and construction of two buildings totaling approximately 56,500 square feet in size with 44 residential units, 720 square feet of commercial space, and 29 off-street parking spaces.
  • 320-330 Clementine Street – Proposed project includes structural, life safety, and accessibility upgrades and general renovations to two existing 13-story apartment towers, each consisting of 138 residential units (total 276 units) and three service and maintenance structures.

Notice of Building Permit Application

  • 70 Oak Grove Street – The project proposes to construct a new passenger elevator at the north corner of an existing 2-story building.
  • 425 10th Street – The proposal is change the existing use to a Photography Studio (Art Activity) within the existing building envelope.

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