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Affordable housing, parks bond and taxes on this month’s agenda

Former Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin will argue the case against Proposition B, a ballot measure that asks voters to approve $195 million dollars in general obligation bonds to improve parks, at next week’s meeting of the SoMa Leadership Council. Prop B was put on the ballot by an 11-0 vote of the Board of Supervisors but is opposed by Peskin, two other former Board Presidents (Matt Gonzalez and Quentin Kopp) and a host of community organizations. Taxpayers passed an earlier bond measure worth $185 million in 2008. Opponents say that giving them another $195 million would just encourage more bad management and irresponsible spending. This measure requires a two-thirds vote to pass.  Continue reading

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Tech industry posts “soft-sell” pitch for Gross Receipts Tax ballot measure

The San Francisco Citizens Initiative for Technology and Innovation (also known as “”) has posted a video that shows proposed tech solutions to make San Francisco “smarter.” The video also advocates for passage of San Francisco’s Proposition E, a business tax reform measure.

It ends with an advertisement for Proposition E, a ballot measure on the November ballot that’ll be the subject of next week’s SoMa Leadership Council meeting. Prop E proposes to reduce the payroll tax paid by San Francisco firms and replace it with a tax based on gross receipt sales.

“The biggest gift the tech community today can give San Francisco is passing Proposition E to create jobs in San Francisco and small business,” angel investor Ron Conway said last month at a tech industry event. Conway is also chairman of

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Is the preferred alternative for Folsom Street revamp ready for prime time?

The SFMTA will propose a three lane configuration for a two-way Folsom Street to be considered in the upcoming environmental review. Click on the image above to see a high resolution PDF of the entire schematic.

If anything good can be said about the Central Corridor Plan, it might be that it gives us an opportunity to attach the final draft of the Folsom Street realignment into an environmental review study. Once the EIR is adopted, funding and implementation of the future Folsom Street Neighborhood Commercial District can begin.

Erin Miller, project manager for the Eastern Neighborhoods Transportation Implementation Planning Study (ENTRIPS), and other SFMTA staff will discuss the preferred and alternative proposals they have developed at next week’s meeting of the SoMa Leadership Council at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 15. These monthly meetings are held in the community room of the Folsom/Dore Apartments at 1346 Folsom Street.  Continue reading

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Neighbors of proposed Warriors’ arena ask Mayor Lee for a seat at the table recently backed away from its plans for a 2 million-square-foot campus in the Mission Bay neighborhood, another highly anticipated development in the same area as the Warriors arena and entertainment complex.

Mayor Ed Lee was understandably in an hurry to trumpet the news that he had persuaded the Golden State Warriors to relocate to a brand new arena along the Embarcadero, in the wake of a series of less than stellar developments in recent months.

The once heralded Americas Cup continues to scale back their once grandiose plans; has abandoned its ambitious proposal to build a 2 million-square-foot campus in the Mission Bay neighborhood; even as Twitter moves into their new taxpayer-subsidized Market Street digs, Facebook’s stock tanks and the glow is coming off other high tech office projects; and the pending loss of the San Francisco 49ers remains a constant embarrassment. Continue reading

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The “ins and outs” of affordability

201 Folsom Street had an affordability problem. The city told Tishman Speyer they had an obligation to provide a certain amount of below market rate housing and they did not want to include it among the 671 units of luxury housing they’re building across the street from the Infinity. Instead, they chose to put it off-site in a project being built by the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation almost a mile and a half away at 10th and Mission Streets.  Continue reading

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Latest D6 redistricting draft leaves South of Market and TL intact

With the deadline for a final redistricting map fast approaching, the latest draft of District 6 looks familiar, with two notable exceptions. South of Market and the Tenderloin are almost completely intact and Treasure Island is still part of the district. But the portion of Hayes Valley and the North Mission that were part of this district for the last ten years are now included in Districts 5 and 9 respectively.  Continue reading

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Community Unity map pushes Redistricting Task Force to keep our neighborhoods together

Draft "Community Unity" map

As the April 15 deadline nears for completion of the redistricting process, which will define the political boundaries of San Francisco for the next ten years, progressives worry that all of the city’s liberal bastions might be concentrated into District 6 (South of Market/Tenderloin), District 9 (the Mission/Bernal) and District 5 (Haight/Western Addition). This could result in a permanent 8-3 fix for downtown and business interests.  Continue reading


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Western SoMa alley improvements coming up for final approval

Update: The Western SoMa Neighborhood Transportation Plan was approved unanimously by the full Transportation Authority on March 27.

Our friends at the Transportation Authority are preparing to take the Western SoMa Neighborhood Transportation Plan through the board approval process. The report recommends traffic calming and pedestrian improvements to the alleys of Minna, Natoma, and Ringold Streets and signalized mid-block crossings of Seventh and Eighth Streets. You can read the complete plan by following this link.

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SFpark’s proposals prompt backlash

The SFMTA’s parking management proposals for the Mission Bay, 12th and Folsom and 17th and Folsom Street areas have been put on hold, pending further consultation with those living and working in the targeted neighborhoods.  Continue reading


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“New” D6 is looking a lot more like the “old” D6 as redistricting grinds along

After floating some pretty radical initial concepts, the current draft map from the Redistricting Task Force is looking a lot more like the District 6 we’ve all come to know and love. Hayes Valley is definitely going to end up in Supervisor Christina Olague’s District 5 and portions of the Mission will be moving into District 9 but the old NEMIZ (Northeast Mission Industrial Zone), South of Market, Civic Center and most of the Tenderloin will continue to define District 6. Treasure Island also remains in the District. The latest map can be found at reading

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