South Beach Democratic Club hosts D6 Supe candidates tomorrow night

[9/9/2014 update: To receive the Club’s endorsement a candidate must receive 60% of the votes cast. Here are the results]:
District 6 Supervisor – No Endorsement
State Assembly District 17 – David Campos
Public Defender – Jeff Adachi
Superior Court Judge – Daniel Flores
Board of Education – No Endorsement
Community College Board (3 seats open) – Wendy Aragon and Thea Selby
Community College Board – No Endorsement

Jane Kim is seeking reelection in a sleepy race that has only attracted three challengers. Rincon Hill activist Jamie Whitaker, Tenderloin community organizer Michael Nulty and David Carlos Salaverry, an independent cabinetmaker-contractor, part-time Uber driver and a Republican, are all seeking to unseat the first-term Supervisor to represent District 6. 

The South Beach D6 Democratic Club is having an endorsement meeting this Wednesday, September 3 at 7:00 p.m. at South Beach Harbor Community Services Room, just north of the ballpark on the Embarcadero.

Three of the four candidates returned questionnaires sent out by the club. They are linked to each candidate’s name below. Here’s some additional contact information for each of them too:

Jane Kim
website –
email –

Jamie Whitaker
website –
email –

Michael Nulty
website –
email –

David Carlos Salaverry
website –
email –

This article was originally posted on December 2, 2014 but was later updated with the results of the endorsement voting.


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