Meet the Eagle’s new next-door-neighbor

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 6.14.28 AM


Plans are in the works for a 6-story group home at 1532 Harrison Street in Western SoMa. Three separate buildings connected by sky bridges will house up to 235 “suites” ranging from 227 to 409 square feet. The rooms, intended for single- or double-occupancy, would be equipped with bathrooms and kitchenettes. Each building would feature 9 common kitchens, dining and living rooms for residents of the adjacent rooms to access. Continue reading “Modern Communal Living Could be Headed for Western SoMa”




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2 responses to “Meet the Eagle’s new next-door-neighbor

  1. Brian Wallace

    This property would have made for a great park with perhaps a community garden. SoMa desperately needs more open, green space. The only other parks “near” this area — Victorial Manalo Draves and Franklin — are several blocks away.

    • John Dunlap

      I agree, we need more open space, but open space has no political clout. The lack of green space in SOMA is really gross as it epitomizes a gold rush mentality.

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