New SoMa brewery proposed

The Seven Hills Brewery is a proposal to establish an ABC Type 23 licensed facility (a Small Beer Manufacturer) at 1150 Howard Street between 7th and 8th Streets. The Zoning Administrator has issued a determination that it would be allowed, as a “Light Manufacturing” use, so long as they do not exceed 2,000 beer barrels per year and do not utilize mechanical bottling equipment at the site. These are similar to conditions imposed on the Bluxome Street Winery, which began operations in 2011.

Their application describes the facility as a small artisanal beer manufacturer. It would operate primarily as a retail operation and would be open to the public with a tasting room.



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6 responses to “New SoMa brewery proposed

  1. Brian Wallace

    This is a testimony to how popular craft beer have become. I guess the brewers will simply keg their beer and ship it to bars and restaurants. Or they will bottle their beer individually. That is, no loud assembly line of empty beer bottle clanking their way down a metal path to be filled by a machine.

    The location is perfect, since this section of Howard Street could use the business … and it’s close to my home.

  2. Steve MacMillan

    This would be great for the neighborhood! I will support this for sure!

  3. photothinks

    This sounds like a good use of the location. It is unfortunate, however, that some arbitrary production limit be forced upon them. I hope that won’t deter them from setting up shop.
    David Elliott Lewis

  4. CityLights

    This sounds like a great idea, can’t wait for it to open!

  5. Dr. Steve Brule

    Totally Ruling Chief. Stoked.

  6. Totally down! Free beers for people that live on Howard between 7th and 8th?!

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