Voters guide 2012

It’s a little arrogant to be telling people how to vote but if you haven’t read all the material and you’re running out of time, when you pick up your ballot tomorrow you’re going to find a confusing array of ballot measures and candidates. You probably know my politics by now – essentially, I’m a Minnesota liberal – so if you want to vote a practical progressive slate, here are my recommendations: 

President: Barack Obama

United States Senate: Dianne Feinstein
United State House of Representatives: Nancy Pelosi

SF Board of Education:
Kim Garcia-Meza, Sandra Lee Fewer, Matt Haney, Shamann Walton

SF Community College Board:
Amy Bacharach, Steve Ngo, Chris Jackson

San Francisco Propositions:
Measure A: YES (City College Parcel Tax)
Measure B: NO  (Parks Bond)
Measure C: YES (Affordable Housing Trust Fund)
Measure D: YES (Consolidated Elections)
Measure E: NO  (Gross Receipts Tax)
Measure F: NO (Hetch Hetchy)
Measure G: YES (Corporate Personhood)

California Statewide Propositions:
Prop 30: YES (Temporary Tax Increases To Prevent Deep Cuts)
Prop 31: NO (Two-Year State Budget Cycle and Other Reforms)
Prop 32: NO (Political Spending Limits)
Prop 33: NO (New Car Insurance Rating Factor)
Prop 34: YES (Death Penalty)
Prop 35: NO (Sex Trafficking)
Prop 36: YES (Modifications to Three Strikes Law)
Prop 37: YES (Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods)
Prop 38: YES (New Tax for Education)
Prop 39: YES (Closing a Loophole on Out-of-State Businesses)
Prop 40: YES (Affirming Redistricted Senate Districts)

Regardless of where you stand, please vote!

Jim Meko


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