Proposed legislation seeks to limit bars along Lower Polk Street

San Francisco Examiner

Sustained neighborhood complaints about raucous nightlife have led one San Francisco official to suggest prohibiting new bars, liquor stores and shops selling tobacco products from opening along a six-block stretch of Polk Street. Board of Supervisors President David Chiu, whose District 3 includes the portion of Polk Street dotted with such businesses, said the concentration of watering holes has resulted in unruly behavior that causes problems for area residents. Read more →



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One response to “Proposed legislation seeks to limit bars along Lower Polk Street

  1. Greed is Good?

    Very appropriate, only wish Jane Kim could grow a set and provide some relief for long term residents of Western SOMA where DJ Clubs have moved into residential enclaves. Oh wait, Terrance Allen will not tollerate anyone or anything to cut into the big money that the clubs pull in. Greed pure and simple.

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