No on Proposition B – Reform is Needed at San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks Department


“Recreation and Parks refuses to take the donation of a new park at 333 Harrison Street from Oz Erickson’s Emerald Fund because they refuse to maintain it at $30,000 or so per year. Did I mention that Rincon Hill’s existing buildings contribute about 20 times that amount just to the 2.5 cents per $100 of assessed value Open Space Special Revenue Fund set aside? Instead, SoMa neighborhoods like Rincon Hill are told that we have to form our own non-profits called Community Benefit Districts (CBDs) and tax ourselves a parcel tax in addition to our ad valorem property taxes to take care of any parks in our neighborhoods. When did San Francisco become a supporter of such blatant inequality between geographic regions of the City?” Read more →


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One response to “No on Proposition B – Reform is Needed at San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks Department

  1. Big City

    “More alarming, the increasing amount of auto traffic and congestion in SoMa as more building development projects get approved and the economy improves have created an air pollution hot zone that according to our San Francisco Department of Public Health increases the probability of cancer for SoMa residents by 27.8% compared to most other neighborhoods in San Francisco. The lack of trees to absorb the volume of cancer causing particulate matter in our air is killing us and causing our kids to develop asthma in SoMa.”

    Gee, sometimes I hear people tell me that this is the big city and living here comes with all the impacts, and “if you don’t like it move to Walnut Creek”.

    Now I hear that living in the city can increase the changes you will die early.

    I guess life is full of choices, maybe it’s time to move to Walnut Creek huh??

    By the way, ex-supervisor Daly is directly responsible for the mega development projects now going in. Why wasn’t all this raised during the EIR phase of the plans (Market Octavia, and Transbay).

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