SFpark promises to “re-engage”

In an admission that the initial roll-out of their parking management proposal didn’t go too well, Ed Reiskin, Director of Transportation for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), responded to neighborhood concerns today with an email stating that the 12th & Folsom, 17th & Folsom, Dogpatch, and Potrero Hill areas will no longer be included as SFpark pilot areas. 

“We originally proposed to include these areas as part of the SFMTA’s SFpark pilot project, which uses demand-responsive pricing to make parking easier to find,” Reiskin wrote. “As we revise parking management proposals for each of these areas, they will reflect regular SFMTA policies and practices.”

These four areas are expected to grow substantially in the near future. The SFpark proposal would introduce meters where on-street parking is often currently free. Parking availability is expected to get worse as these evolve. “These neighborhoods are long overdue for better parking management,” Reiskin wrote.

Mission Bay is already part of an SFpark pilot area, so that neighborhood will continue with demand-responsive pricing policies. Mission Bay parking management planning will cover the area north of Mariposa Street, east of 7th Street, and south of Bryant Street.

“We are currently focused on parking management for Mission Bay,” according to Reiskin, “but we look forward to connecting with you for your neighborhood later this year. We expect to start re-engaging each of the following neighborhoods according to this schedule.”

  • 12th & Folsom – April
  • 17th & Folsom – June
  • Potrero Hill – August
  • Dogpatch – September

The SoMa Leadership Council hasn’t been informed of any events scheduled for this month but I’ll let you know as soon as I know more.

Jim Meko, chair
SoMa Leadership Council 


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