“A new era” for the Flower Mart

The owners and vendors of the Flower Mart and the Kilroy Corporation have signed an agreement that guarantees the 100 year old institution will remain at its current location for generations to come. The document includes assurances that the existing vendors will continue to be able to rent at an affordable rate, that the vendors themselves will make the decision as to whether the new location will be underground or at street level, that the new development will provide twice the amount of parking that currently exists (and new space for outdoor markets and community events) and recognizes the ownership rights and ability to pass the affordable rates on to the next generation or to any other entity of the vendor’s choice.

Former Supervisor Aaron Peskin, former Mayor Art Agnos and Central SoMa community organizer John Elberling were integral to winning all the concessions made to keep the Flower Mart a vital part of the South of Market economy. More than 20,000 signatures were gathered to put an initiative on the November ballot that would have locked in the current 40 foot height limit, more than twice as many signatures as needed. The Kilroy project will be subject to new controls whenever the Central SoMa Plan is adopted. Supervisor Jane Kim supports the agreement and pledged that not one square foot of PDR space in the Plan Area will be lost.


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