Private party for Mayors Conference closes Rincon Park access to public



Without any communications from The Port of San Francisco or the Mayor’s Office to anybody that lives along the SoMa waterfront, it was a great surprise to find that the BCDC’s supposed Public Access Seating Area that sits between Waterbar and Epic Steakhouse was closed to the Public because the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s party planners decided to buy the Embarcadero Pedestrian Promenade and Rincon Park away from the Public starting around 5pm today (Saturday, June 20th) to set up their party – and I’m guessing it will continue to be closed off to the public on Sunday. 

No public notice that I know of. No communication from The Port that I know of.

What really disturbs me is that the high volume of weekend bicyclists and strollers and pedestrians are now crammed onto the much smaller roadside sidewalk along The Embarcadero. As you can imagine, most bicyclists are much too hurried to bother walking their bicycles and instead continue riding them, ringing their bell as if pedestrians are supposed to jump into the roadway to clear the sidewalk for them to pass without slowing down.

This is more proof that our Mayor is completely full of soot when he says he cares about pedestrians in South of Market. Actions speak louder than words, and I don’t trust anyone who smiles and says things that do not match their actions.

Thank God the Army Corps of Engineers scared away the Warriors Arena from Piers 30-32 with their desire to take 3 years to perform their own Federal Environmental Impact Report, otherwise we’d be running into closed off and dangerous pedestrian conditions on the Embarcadero Pedestrian Promenade A LOT more frequently, in my opinion, as the Mayor is more than happy to exploit the waterfront for others’ pleasures and profits.

So be safe if you happen to walk along The Embarcadero – and so sorry if you had plans to enjoy one of our few 0.17 acres of open space per 1,000 District 6 residents in the form of Rincon Park because it is reserved for Uber and Lyft and the other billion dollar companies that OWN our government these days.


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One response to “Private party for Mayors Conference closes Rincon Park access to public

  1. John Dunlap

    I am so disappointed in the mayor! I know he has lots on his plate, but the need for more green space, i.e. those green quality of life issues, are equally important as is the development of another new skyscrapers. There are no new parks of consequence being proposed by the mayor that I am aware of. This is particularly true of SOMA, where a few trees next to a new development is the closest thing you will find that is green. Why wasn’t something big and spacious planned for Mission Bay? The old 13 acre Salesforce now Warriors arena comes to mind. In addition, I’ve been told that city’s goal is to have some sort of open space with a 10 minute walk of each resident. However if you are building up (i.e. creating more dense living), those few precious small spaces become almost meaningless. How about turning the downtown temporary bus station into a city block of green space once Transbay opens up. Parklets are nice, but they are not a fair substitute for needed open space.

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