My take on Prop G


As you know, I’ve worked on housing issues in SF for almost 40 years and I’ve never seen things this bad, for both low-income and middle class families. That’s why I urge you to Support Prop G, the proposed anti-speculation tax, this November. 

Prop G will only apply to speculators who are “flipping” properties—buying up rent controlled apartments, forcing tenants out (including many seniors), then selling off their units for a quick profit.

Prop G is a simple way to put a stiff penalty on this kind of real estate speculation that harms SF’s low- and middle-income families and only worsens our housing crisis.

Local, state and national realtor groups have put nearly 2 million dollars into a disinformation campaign to scare voters by claiming Prop G will hurt single-family homeowners when they try to sell their homes. Nonsense!

Prop G specifically exempts single-family homes, condos and TICs, and any other owner-occupied homes as well as those with in-law units. It only applies to absentee investors seeking to cash in on our inflated housing market by evicting long term-tenants and flipping their 2-30 unit buildings for a quick profit.
Despite the realtors’ war chest, polling shows that if we all vote and the Yes on G side can raise a little more money to tell voters the truth, Prop G will win.

Please Vote YES on Prop G.


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