What good are these Muni improvements doing anyway?

DNA notice

[UPDATE: The engineers have decided to”integrate” the public parklet into the transit bulbout rather than demolish it].

“Public parklets” are a poor excuse for open space but they’re better than nothing. So, when a city agency signals that they’re about to remove one, it’s cause for concern. 

The one installed by the DNA Lounge on 11th Street doesn’t contribute anything to the lack of real green space in South of Market but it does provide a nice front yard for the club and front yards are good.

The SFMTA is holding a hearing this Friday, September 5, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. in City Hall room 416 to discuss the removal of three stops along 11th Street between Bryant and Market Street and adding two bulbouts and one transit island.

The DNA’s pretty little parklet falls smack dab in the middle of one bulbout.

The corner wouldn’t be such a mess if they had listened to the Western SoMa Task Force or even their own staff. As it is, it’s possible to find four different busses, the 9 San Bruno, the 9L San Bruno Limited, the 12 Folsom and the 47 Van Ness at 11th and Harrison all sharing one bus stop at the same time.

The Task Force recommended turning the 47 off 11th Street at Folsom and adding service to the new neighborhood commercial corridor. MTA staff tried to accomplish the same goal by creating new service on Folsom Street and shifting the 47 over to Division Street to create a shortcut to the Caltrain station. The new service on Folsom Street is still up in the air and the MTA Board rejected the idea of rerouting the 47.

Now it’s too late to make any big programatic changes to the system. That’s what happens when the planning process becomes so isolated that it just tries to stop people from yelling at them.

So now one nice little improvement to the neighborhood is on the chopping block and we still have little to show for all the money spent on the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP) except fewer bus stops.

The DNA Lounge could use some support at this Friday’s hearing.


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