Market-rate SRO housing proposed for 10th and Harrison carwash site

We’ve known for a couple months that the carwash at 10th and Harrison Streets had been sold. Today SocketSite reports that the plan is to build four floors of market rate SRO housing above ground floor commercial space.

Unlike the hotels along Sixth Street, this is not subsidized housing. “SRO” has a unique meaning in the Planning Code for the South of Market mixed-use districts. They created new rules in the wake of re-building from the 1989 earthquake for small “affordable-by-design” studio-sized apartments that requires cooking and bath facilities in each unit. The Western SoMa Plan limits the minimum size of the units to 275 square feet.

This site falls within the newly created Regional Commercial District (RCD) along Ninth and Tenth Streets, which is similar to neighborhood commercial districts elsewhere in that zoning is done on a floor-by-floor basis, but there is less emphasis on housing. Auto body shops and furniture outlets tend to define the neighborhood character.

From a developer’s point of view, these small units tend to yield the highest price per square foot of any type of housing.



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4 responses to “Market-rate SRO housing proposed for 10th and Harrison carwash site

  1. John Dunlap

    “From a developer’s point of view, these small units tend to yield the highest price per square foot of any type of housing,” but are they gong to do for the neighborhood?

  2. We knew very well that this option could appeal to the greed of some developers but would also fill a need to house students, tech workers and empty-nesters. The Task Force was intentionally very diverse and I don’t support every decision — not by a long shot — but overall, every decision was weighed against our adopted planning principles and this one passed the smell test.

    • John D A Fagundes

      This will lead to a Ghetto in this area after the next crash–which will come as they always do, whether one wants to believe it or not, bubbles are fundamental to the theory of capitalism.

      This project, along with the the huge proposal at 12th and Harrison (includes building a blank wall down a third of 12th street and blocking off the street to benefit a business and not the people) must be stopped before this once charming, small nab is ruined by the greed of developers in search of a fast buck Where is our supervisor


    • John Dunlap

      OK, not placing judgement, but we have tiny units being build on 10 and Harrison, 9th and Mission (?) and 1040 Folsom. I am sure there are more, but I just don’t know. Bottom line is, develop highly profitable units, which promote a dorm or transitory clientele in MidSOMA, but also make the developer add something to the neighborhood as compensation for such a development.

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