Controversial ex-commissioner flacks for Build Inc.’s 1532 Harrison project


SoMa neighbors who attended Jane Kim’s 10th and Harrison recycling center meeting two weeks ago were surprised to find an email from Terrance Alan in their inbox on Friday. Alan, the ethically challenged former entertainment commissioner, had nothing to do with the center but Kim’s office apparently shared the sign-in sheets with him. 

Alan, a former porn producer and promoter, is publicizing Build Inc.’s 1532 Harrison Street housing development across the street from the Eagle. Alan’s past includes a history of conflict of interest allegations during his time on the Entertainment Commission and at least six lawsuits, one from a Vallejo man who alleged sexual abuse, saying he took part in a porn film in 1998 at Alan’s solicitation when Clark was a 17-year-old minor. The case was quietly settled out of court.

Build Inc.’s Katie O’Brian acknowledged they reached out to Alan as he was active with the nearby nightlife community on 11th Street. The 12th and Harrison Street project has the potential for creating a conflict with the nearby nightclubs. It utilizes an unusual form of group housing. Build, Inc. is interested in drumming up support for the high-end mini-units contained in the building but it’s unclear whether the Planning Department will see things their way.

Alan has worked closely with Jane Kim’s office on changes to entertainment zoning in Western SoMa, including most recently the removal of buffer zone protections for the circa 1907 apartment building less than 200 feet from the former Caliente nightclub at 11th and Folsom Street.


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One response to “Controversial ex-commissioner flacks for Build Inc.’s 1532 Harrison project

  1. Brian Wallace

    The project sponsor states that, on the easternmost portion of 12th Street, “a new multi-use public plaza and green space, tentatively called Eagle Plaza” will be built. Um … yeah … okay. A community garden, where people actually grown things to eat, would be a lot better. That is such a sunny area.

    This link shows you what the buildings will look like:

    This link shows an arial photograph of the property:

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