Planning Commission approves $1.8 million in Ringold Alley improvements

On May 22, the Planning Commission approved an in-kind agreement with the project sponsor at 8th and Harrison Streets that would help fund Ringold Alley improvements along the northern edge of the nearly four acre site which will contain a residential and commercial mix of uses.

The project is subject to pay $6,268,102.44 in Eastern Neighborhoods infrastructure impact fees. 4Terra Investments asked the Commission to allow them to directly provide $1.8 million in infrastructure improvements to build out a Western SoMa Task Force priority project identified in the Western SoMa Community Planning process and in the Western SoMa implementation document.

The Plan calls for facilitating the movement of pedestrians and bicycles in the alleys, ensuring safety on neighborhood serving streets, improving public realm conditions, and recognizing the social and cultural values and properties of the LGBTQ District. The proposed improvements would include special paving treatments, traffic calming treatments, landscaping, pedestrian lighting, site furnishings, undergrounding of overhead utilities, and public art commemorating the alleyway’s significance to the LGBTQ community.



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3 responses to “Planning Commission approves $1.8 million in Ringold Alley improvements

  1. Brian Wallace

    Right on! To all the parties involved with this project, thank you.
    The “undergrounding of overhead utilities” will be a nice improvement.

  2. John Dunlap

    Any idea when the improvements will start and whether they are before, during, or after the the new housing construciton phase?

    Regarding, the undergrounding of utility lines – what an acomplishment! Thanks to all who made such an improvement part of development process. I really wish the city would take this form of visual polution seriously and fast-track utility undergrounding elsewhere….

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