Please sign the petition urging the reappointment of Planning Commissioners Moore and Sugaya


I’m part of a coalition that is petitioning Board of Supervisors President David Chiu to go on the record, prior to the end of his State Assembly race, to announce the reappointment of Kathrin Moore and Hishashi (Bill) Sugaya to the San Francisco Planning Commission. Let’s get the politics out of planning. Sign here.

Moore and Sugaya are the best friends the neighborhoods could ever have. Both demonstrate technical expertise in  land use and architecture as well as respect for community concerns and input. They bring an important combination of skills and experience to the Planning Commission, experience that is very valuable to the neighborhoods and not replicated among the other appointments to the Commission. We need your support in securing their reappointment.

If you ever find yourself in front of the commission for an issue of particular importance to yourself, you’ll appreciate the difference they make. Support them by signing the petition at and please encourage your friends and neighbors to do so too.


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