No Wall initiative heads to June ballot




The “No Wall on the Waterfront” campaign turned in more than double the number of signatures needed to qualify a measure for the June 3 ballot that would require voter approval for any development on the San Francisco waterfront that exceeds the existing height limit. 

They reported turning in 21,067 signatures to ensure that they have the required 9,702 valid signatures.

“What this initiative says is, respect the plan that’s already in place,” said Jon Golinger, campaign director for the measure, “and if you want to change it, don’t try to do it behind closed doors. Do it in the light of day, and let the people have a say.”

The top lawyer for the State Lands Commission questioned the legality of the proposed measure as an infringement on state authority.

A separate legal analysis provided by the law firm Remcho, Johansen & Purcell, which specializes in election law, contends the ballot measure is “fatally flawed” and runs afoul of both state and local law.

That analysis was originally created by an attorney at Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass, a law firm representing the Giants.


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