Sign a petition asking City to maintain new SoMa park


The poor City of San Francisco refused to accept a speck of green space for the 6,000+ and growing population of residents in high-rise towers in Rincon Hill because Phil Ginsburg claims they can’t come up with the $24,000 per year to cut the lawn and hose down the benches a few times. 

This week, the City announces a $8 billion budget and that we’re rolling in the dough, enough so to hire hundreds of new employees.  Add to that, the Board of Supervisors approved spending over $4 million to buy land on 24th Street in Noe Valley to create a new park and to budget an additional $67,543 in the general fund to pay for maintenance.

Parks are a CORE HUMAN NEED. This is PRIDE month, and I hope a petition to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors will help push them to accept the donation of a free pastoral park from Oz Erickson’s Emerald Fund and somehow find $24,000 per year out of the $8 billion budget so that the 300 kids living in the Rincon neighborhood can develop socializing skills via a public park instead of becoming the next unabombers because a 600 square foot condo space would drive anyone crazy after so long (take it from someone who lives in a 432 square foot studio for the past 7 years).

I created a petition to Edwin Lee, Mayor, Jane Kim, Supervisor, District 6, and 12 others titled “Mayor Lee: Please accept the donation offer of Rincon Hill Park at 333 Harrison Street”.

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


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