Join with the Sierra Club to stop attacks on our Environmental Bill of Rights

OPPOSE:  Supervisor Wiener’s CEQA Legislation, which curtails public participation and the ability of public officials to make well-informed decisions. 
SUPPORT:  bringing Supervisor Kim’s alternative CEQA Legislation to completion—before any legislative action is taken.
TESTIFY:  Land-Use Committee, Monday, April 8, 1:30 PM, City Hall Room 263
ADD:  Your Organization’s Name: Along with the Sierra Club and others, add your organization’s name in opposing the Wiener CEQA Legislation—by emailing .

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Dear Friend,

Ever since Gov. Reagan signed the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in 1970, it has been our greatest legal tool for environmental protection throughout California. Unfortunately, it is frequently under attack from developers and big oil.

Now, Supervisor Scott Wiener is attempting to gut our CEQA protections right here in San Francisco.

Take Action! Tell the Board of Supervisors not to allow this attack on our community’s environmental protections.

Wiener’s proposal, in the guise of fixing inefficiencies in CEQA procedures, would:

  • Make it very difficult to get the facts about development projects by forcing appeals to be filed far too early, before final project plans and impacts are known;
  • Let appeals be considered solely by a three-member panel of the Board of Supervisors;
  • Allow many significant projects to avoid the requirement to prepare an Environmental Impact Report;
  • Set onerous requirements for any person or group filing an environmental appeal.

Supervisor Jane Kim has been working with environmental and community groups to prepare alternative legislation that would make the CEQA process work for everyone. But Supervisor Wiener is pushing to bring his destructive bill to a vote before Kim’s measure can be completed and considered.

Send a message to the Supervisors and the Mayor: The Wiener legislation would damage our fundamental environmental protections. The Supervisors need to give Supervisor Kim’s alternative the chance to come forward before they vote on the Wiener legislation.

Thank you for all you do for the environment,

Will Lowry,
Online Communications, San Francisco Bay Chapter


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