Planning Commission votes down Orchard Supply Hardware

By a 5-2 vote, the Planning Commission voted against the formula retail application of Orchard Supply Hardware to put a 33,000 square foot store at 975 Bryant Street. 

National chain stores are required to obtain Conditional Use approval in the Urban Mixed Use (UMU) zoning districts of the city. It’s rare for the Commission to deny these kinds of applications.

After listening to the testimony of more than a dozen hardware and home improvement store representatives, including Discount Builders, Cole and Speedy’s Hardware (which is located two blocks from the proposed site), the majority of commissioners decided that it was not necessary or desirable.

Commissioners Michael Antonini and Commission President Rodney Fong sided with OSH.

The motion of intent to disapprove will require a second hearing in two weeks’ time, when Planning Department staff will present the final language of a motion that incorporates the Commission’s reasoning for the denial.

OSH has the right to appeal the decision to the Board of Supervisors.

Jim Meko
SoMa Leadership Council



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2 responses to “Planning Commission votes down Orchard Supply Hardware

  1. Good job! We don’t need yet another large chain hardware store!

  2. Thomas R. Fox

    … actually we could very much use an Orchard Supply Hardware in San Francisco, but the location they had chosen was very inconvenient to both their potential shoppers and to the neighborhood. I hope they find a more appropriate location.

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