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SOMCAN urges action to save WSoMa affordable housing


Dear community and allies:

SoMa faces some of the greatest development pressure in all of San Francisco. As new condos are developed and office buildings go up nearby, prices continue to skyrocket. The SoMa community knows the history of displacement too well.

Since 2005, neighborhood residents from different backgrounds and interests united on a neighborhood vision of how our community should grow without displacing the existing residents with a strong preference for affordable housing. Our unified community vision materialized the West SoMa Plan. The Planning Commission PASSED the West SoMa Plan unanimously.

BUT on Monday, Feb. 25th – in a matter of minutes, Supervisor Wiener and Supervisor Chiu have amended the West SoMa Plan to take funding away from our affordable housing vision and goals!!!  Continue reading



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One more hearing for the Plan, and then on to the full Board for adoption

WSoMa Zoning - LUC

The Land Use Committee of the Board of Supervisors heard a presentation on the Western SoMa Community Plan by Task Force members and sat through several hours worth of public comment yesterday. The Plan was favorably received, despite another effort by the entertainment lobby to make last minute changes, and will likely be heading to the full Board in two weeks for final adoption.  Continue reading

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If you’ve already got spring fever… grow lemons!

just one tree


That’s the idea behind JustOneTree (JOT), a program of the San Francisco-based nonprofit Urban Resource Systems. With a goal of fostering community resilience through fruit tree production, JOT is partnering with neighborhood associations, nonprofits and City agencies to achieve sustainability in lemon production.  Continue reading

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1:30 in Room 263 today: support the Western SoMa Community Plan!

The Western SoMa Community Plan goes before the Land Use Committee of the Board of Supervisors today at 1:30 pm in Room 263 of City Hall) on its way towards final adoption. This will be the Plan’s main hearing at the Board.

Please come and testify. It’s too late for emails or phone calls. We need bodies to line up and tell them, adopt the Western SoMa Community Plan without any further changes.

Land Use and Economic Development Committee
1:30 pm, Monday, February 25
City Hall, Committee Room 263  Continue reading

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Planning Commission votes down Orchard Supply Hardware

By a 5-2 vote, the Planning Commission voted against the formula retail application of Orchard Supply Hardware to put a 33,000 square foot store at 975 Bryant Street.  Continue reading


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Where’s the bus?!


As thousands of new residents move into the Rincon Hill neighborhood of eastern SoMa, rather than expanding good public transit to the neighborhood, MUNI has cut back on existing service and apparently has no plans to restore those cuts or expand service to what the Planning Department has billed as a “transit-oriented development neighborhood.”

Jamie Whitaker, Rincon resident and proprietor of the blog, has run the numbers and finds that his neighbors suffer from some of the worst air quality and congestion in the city while paying a disproportionate share of property taxes.  Continue reading

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For the entertainment lobby, it’s just never good enough

Entertainment Commissioner Glendon “Anna Conda” Hyde wants to increase the number of Place of Entertainment permits on Folsom Street and allow Limited Live Performance permits all over Western SoMa (see below). Jeez, he’s just never satisfied.  Continue reading


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