Warriors arena compromise with some positive outcomes for neighbors

Published on November 14, 2012 by jamiewhitaker

The Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee heard the group of CAC members and those neighbors who emailed and asked that the CAC be able to do its job and get a chance to review important details prior to the Board of Supes. Our Supervisor Jane Kim amended today’s resolution to require that the CAC have at least 2 meetings about the final term sheet and provide a written report of advice to the Board of Supervisors before the BOS can approve it this spring. Read more →


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One response to “Warriors arena compromise with some positive outcomes for neighbors

  1. Brian Wallace

    Thank you, Jamie. Good article.

    Yes, traffic is the number one issue with the new area. Growing up in New Jersey, we would often drive to New York City for concerts, go through the Lincoln Tunnel, and park in the Port Authority Garage. Our car never touched the surface streets of Manhattan. We don’t have that in San Francisco. It would be great if we had a parking garage that connected directly to the Bay Bridge, with its own ramp. Transbay Terminal buses used to have their own ramp.

    I am still waiting to see the master plan regarding traffic on game days, especially when there are other events scheduled nearby. Walk down to the Embarcadero on any given evening. Walk along 1st Street on a Friday night as cars climb the hill to get onto the bridge. It’s a sea of red brake lights. At times, it seems the cars are moving backwards.

    With sporting events, it’s not so much the traffic getting TO the game that’s the problem, because some people get there hours early; some, just as the game starts; and others, after the game as begun. But, for the most part, people tend to LEAVE a game all at the same time.

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