180 unit residential project proposed for Twitterland

SmartSpace® Mission, a green infill projected located at 9th and Mission Streets, will provide 180 units of studios and suites.

Panoramic Interests of Berkeley has proposed an 11 story residential tower at 1321 Mission Street within a block of the new Twitter headquarters on Market Street. The 9th and Mission Street development will be discussed at the March 21 meeting of the SoMa Leadership Council. 

Panoramic Interests specializes in “innovative and creative in-fill projects, with an emphasis on student housing,” according to their website. Since 1989, it has completed 13 mixed use projects in and around downtown Berkeley, California, resulting in more than 500 new units of housing and 100,000 square feet of commercial space. All of its rental projects have roof top gardens, energy efficient designs and ground floor retail space reserved for local businesses.

The SmartSpace® Mission project will feature a grand lobby/common area, a cafe/deli on the premise, a rooftop deck with sustainable landscaping that includes a solarium and an entertainment area. A City Carshare pod will be located onsite for residents.

Jim Meko, chair
SoMa Leadership Council 



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2 responses to “180 unit residential project proposed for Twitterland

  1. You Betcha

    “Possibilities to add
    convenience, intensity,
    and cheer in cities…
    are limitless”. Saint Jane Jacobs….

    Looks like the developer checked all the PC boxes.

  2. Not all. He left LEED certification out.

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