EC commish targets 11th Street, tells Bay Area Reporter “it is time to be really loud and proud”

Matthew Bajko, the Bay Area Reporter’s political correspondent, covers the SoMa Leadership Council’s upcoming entertainment summit in his latest column. “I have absolutely endorsed an entertainment zone for 11th Street,” said gay Entertainment Commissioner Glendon Hyde, also known as drag queen Anna Conda. “It is time to really be loud and proud about our culture and make sure it doesn’t disappear for condos.”

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Jim Meko, chair
SoMa Leadership Council 


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One response to “EC commish targets 11th Street, tells Bay Area Reporter “it is time to be really loud and proud”

  1. Big Entertainment Industry

    Why after countless meetings of the Western SOMA Planning Task force, after hundreds of hours research, after so many SOMA residents and businesses already provided input into the Western SOMA plan…why now at the 11th hour is a group of big box entertainment together with their dollars and political muscle trying to circumvent the will of the community?

    The Western SOMA plan was already acknowledging the entertainment industry and provided a way to accommodate growth that would not impact residential areas of SOMA (yes lots of people live here, they have historically and still do) by keeping it to the south. Why now the “march to the north”?

    It seems Big Entertainment is kinda like the downtown “interests” of the last four decades. So, big entertainment, don’t listen to the community and residents, at your own peril.

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