Community Stabilization Policy heads to Board of Supervisors

Supervisor Jane Kim’s resolution to support the historic balance of affordable vs. market rate housing and retain a healthy percentage of jobs in the Western SoMa community planning area cleared the Land Use Committee today and will be voted on by the full Board of Supervisors on June 14. Supervisors Eric Mar and Scott Wiener voted to move it forward without recommendation. Supervisor Malia Cohen voted against the measure.

When Supervisor Cohen suggested a continuance as requested by the Planning Department, Supervisor Kim explained that she’s talked with Planning Department staff repeatedly since the measure was introduced last month and that she could meet with John Rahaim again but “I’m not going to change the resolution.”

The Community Stabilization Policy is based on the Planning Principles underlying the Western SoMa Community Plan. This is the first time the principles behind the Western SoMa Community Plan were discussed by the Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Kim’s resolution concludes, “Resolved, that the Board urges the Planning Commission to incorporate the Policies and Objectives of the Stabilization Policy, as set forth in the Resolution adopted by the Task Force on April 22, 2009, into the Western SoMa Community Plan.”

Its prospects look good at the full Board. Be sure to write to Supervisors David Chiu, Eric Mar, Scott Wiener, Ross Mirkarimi, David Campos, Carmen Chu, Mark Farrell, John Avalos, and Sean Elsbernd to urge them to support the resolution and be sure to thank Jane Kim for introducing the resolution.


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