11th “StrEAT” gourmet food court proposal isn’t quite dead yet

The indefatigable San Francisco bureaucracy hasn’t beat Carlos Muela and his family yet. “We’ve hit quite a few hurdles but have decided to continue,” he said today. The latest rendering of the “SoMa StrEAT Food Park” shows a village-like cluster of eleven food truck vendor stalls on the U-Haul parking lot at 428 11th Street,

with a pre-fabricated gazebo structure near the center of the lot, modular handicapped accessible restrooms and a security stand near the main entrance, with street trees, potted plants, benches and picnic tables scattered throughout the facility.

The Planning Department has issued an environmental review notice for the outdoor food court proposal that Muela presented to the SoMa Leadership Council in April. “Thanks for showing concern,” Muela wrote. “I’ll be sure to keep you posted with the progress.”


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