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Supes Jane Kim and David Chiu hanging out on the Playa

Board president (and Mayoral candidate) David Chiu will be piloting a small private plane, with college roommate Jane Kim in tow, to this weekend’s Burning Man. Staying one day, tickets compliments of the organizers, city hall staff working out the kinks ahead of their arrival. See the Bay Guardian for more details. Continue reading


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Who tagged the Children’s mural?

One remnant of the Children’s Village at St. Joseph’s that’s been preserved is the mural on the side of the building facing Tenth Street. The mural was recently defaced with graffiti. Presidio Knolls Schools currently runs a Mardarin immersion program at the site. School officials have tried all the usual remedies to remove the tag but it’s a metallic paint which resists most solvents. Continue reading

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Archive of comments from our old website

All the posts from the original SoMa Leadership Council website have been moved to this new site but the readers’ comments did not transfer with them. They are archived below with links to the appropriate posts. This new WordPress site should have fewer quirks and load faster and it has the potential for a lot more features. Post away! Continue reading

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Office project proposed for St. Joseph’s church site

The beautiful St. Joseph’s church at 10th and Howard Streets has sat vacant since the Archdiocese abandoned it after the 1989 earthquake. The stained glass has been stripped from the windows and a population of pigeons numbering in the tens of thousands has called the place home for much of the time since then. Continue reading

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Building a brand new neighborhood?

How much housing can we build and how many jobs will we lose in the process? That was always the guiding principle behind the Eastern Neighborhoods rezoning process and it’s about to be manifest in the first mega-project to be approved under the recently adopted Eastern Neighborhoods Plan. It remains to be seen whether the Project Sponsors are building an actual neighborhood or just another bedroom community. Continue reading

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Herrera steps in it

In a campaign characterized by shameless pandering to the entertainment industry, Mayoral candidate Dennis Herrera has upped the ante by reviving the oft-discredited idea of creating an entertainment zone in South of Market. Twice before in the last thirty years, outsiders have promoted the notion that SoMa should become the party destination for the Bay Area.  Continue reading

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11th “StrEAT” gourmet food court proposal isn’t quite dead yet

The indefatigable San Francisco bureaucracy hasn’t beat Carlos Muela and his family yet. “We’ve hit quite a few hurdles but have decided to continue,” he said today. The latest rendering of the “SoMa StrEAT Food Park” shows a village-like cluster of eleven food truck vendor stalls on the U-Haul parking lot at 428 11th Street, Continue reading

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