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The limits of “Live Performance”

Supervisor Jane Kim has backed off from her earlier enthusiasm for opening up the entire South of Market to live entertainment permits and has proposed an extension of Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi’s legislation that will only impact South Park and the Sixth Street corridor for the time being. If the Western SoMa Community Plan is adopted as currently written, the legislation will also encompass the Folsom Street Neighborhood Commercial District, the area south of Harrison Street and possibly 9th and 10th Streets, Continue reading


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Planners seek input on public realm improvements for Rincon Hill

After the Rincon Hill Plan was adopted in 2005, the Planning Department drafted a streetscape plan to implement public improvements in the neighborhood. The MTA Board approved all of the street changes in 2006, but the Master Plan document itself was never finalized or adopted by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. Continue reading

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You ain’t gonna recognize District 6 when redistricting is done with it

District 6, which saw a 35% increase in population since the last census, is going to experience the most dramatic changes when the boundaries of the city’s 11 supervisor districts are redrawn. A special nine member task force will have until April 15 of next year to complete its work. At stake is the progressive majority, for what it’s worth, on the Board of Supervisors. Continue reading

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