“[Our] office supports responsible recycling centers in our city.”

Legislative Aide, District 6

I want to thank everyone for coming out to last month’s community meeting at the Arc San Francisco (and especially thank the Arc for hosting). I would also like to thank the city staff that took time out of their evening to come and offer resources and input, including the Mayor’s Office of HOPE Director Bevan Dufty and Kevin Drew from the Department of the Environment. Finally, I’d like to thank the individuals that emailed or called me privately after the meeting and expressed their disappointment with the behavior of some of their neighbors and recommitted themselves to working toward positive solutions that would benefit everyone in the neighborhood. On a personal note, I was deeply appreciative of that, so thank you. Continue reading

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Controversial ex-commissioner flacks for Build Inc.’s 1532 Harrison project


SoMa neighbors who attended Jane Kim’s 10th and Harrison recycling center meeting two weeks ago were surprised to find an email from Terrance Alan in their inbox on Friday. Alan, the ethically challenged former entertainment commissioner, had nothing to do with the center but Kim’s office apparently shared the sign-in sheets with him.  Continue reading

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Report from SoMa neighbors regarding the 10th and Harrison recycling center

from SF SoMa Neighbors:

Last week approximately 70 residents and local business owners attended a neighborhood meeting concerning the proposed recycling/buyback center at 10th and Harrison Streets. Almost everyone in the audience was opposed.

Sunny Angulo, an aide in Supervisor Kim’s office moderated the meeting. She stated that Our Planet Recycling was issued a permit in error, and that they would be required, per a letter from the City Zoning Administrator, to re-apply for permits. This will require neighborhood notification, and the neighbors can then file appeals to block or modify the permit. Neighbors could also file with the Planning Department for a Discretionary Review (DR).  
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It’s the neighborhoods that make San Francisco special

As the San Francisco establishment bemoans the loss of the George Lucas museum to Chicago and chafes at the opening of a new 49ers stadium 45 miles south of the city, in an essay titled “Lucas might be gone, but the force stays right here,” San Francisco Chronicle columnist Carl Nolte reminds us that “We still have Clement Street. And 18th Street on Potrero Hill, Stockton Street in Chinatown, Valencia Street in the Mission, Irving Street in the Inner Sunset, Taraval Street in the Parkside.”

“So what makes a neighborhood?” Nolte asks. “There are certain essentials, like a Muni line down the shopping street, stores, a bank branch, a neighborhood restaurant or two where they know the customers. There should be a school and at least one church. A community garden. A park is important. A branch library and a bookstore are prized.”

In an impressively prescient piece, Nolte reminds us to keep our priorities straight. Read more →


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Jane Kim cleans up her 11th Street zoning mess



The entertainment lobby thought they were too cute by half when they talked Supervisor Jane Kim into wrapping the 11th Street corridor with a zoning proposal (WMUO) designed for the area surrounding the Caltrain depot. The good news, in their opinion, was that nighttime entertainment would become a fully permitted use and housing was no longer allowed. The downside was that it came with a prohibition of new nightclubs within 200 feet of recognized Residential Enclave Districts (REDs).  Continue reading

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Putting together the pieces to land Lucas Museum at Lot 330

lucas museum

South Beach gadfly

UPDATE: The Windy City beat out other cities, including a contentious battle against San Francisco, winning the bid to build an interactive museum for “Star Wars” creator George Lucas. – CNN

As we await George Lucas’ decision as to where he wants to locate his museum, keep several things in mind:

1. Locating the Lucas Museum on Lot 330 is an excellent choice and the neighborhood (and the city) seem to be wholly in favor of the concept. However, the museum location is just one aspect of the project.

2. Equally important is how the Port and the City will handle the redevelopment of the South Beach waterfront in conjunction with the Lucas Museum project. Namely, what will happen to the derelict piers (26, 28, 30-32 & 38) that are now sitting empty and obstructing the South Beach waterfront?

3. This is a great opportunity to have both a world class museum and a world class waterfront in South Beach. We must focus on both aspects of the project.

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Another SoMa PDR building to get demolished for (you guessed it) more high-end HOUSING

" Stanley Saitowitz has brought the flash to his newest design for 259 Clara Street in SoMa." - SF Curbed.

“Stanley Saitowitz has brought the flash to his newest design for 259 Clara Street in SoMa.” – SF Curbed.



According to Planning documents, the project will demo a (perfectly good and neighborhood appropriate: my words) two-story industrial building and construct a 45′-tall, five-story mixed-use building with eight 2BR residences over ground-floor office and eight parking spaces.


What is PDR? Source (oh, the irony!) http://www.sf-planning.org/index.aspx?page=1677#3  Continue reading

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